Wavelets Creative produces immersive artistic experiences that inspire a reorientation to our environment and illuminate the creative force that is ever-present in the natural world and within each individual. Our community-based multi-disciplinary projects weave together elements of local history, ecology, outdoor interactive environmental education, visual art, and roving music, dance, and spoken word performances.  

Formed by Artistic Director JG Everest in 2016, Wavelets Creative’s mission is to collaboratively create interactive, multi-disciplinary artistic experiences that offer an opportunity to discover and reflect upon the histories, cultures, and ecologies that connect us to one another and the natural world.

We believe that the creative artistic process, while refined and matured in professional artists, is an essential aspect of the human experience and is available to everyone.  Collective mindfulness and improvisation are two important goals and methods in our work. 

By working with local community members and organizations in our projects, Wavelets Creative intends to generate ripples of energy and awareness, awakening individuals and communities to their own capacities for growth and transformation in the present moment.