Wavelets Creative began in 2016 as a means to develop and present innovative community arts events and experiences in our communities.
We are a not-for-profit community arts organization, fiscally sponsored by Springboard For The Arts, based in Bde Ota Otuŋwe (Minneapolis), in Mni Sota Makoče. Our projects bring together a variety of artistic practices to discover new ways of seeing and relating to the world – immersive arts experiences that illuminate and strengthen connections between artists, communities, and the histories and ecologies that surround us.  

We have brought our collaborative engagement projects to a variety of communities around Minnesota, partnering with local arts and community organizations as well as schools, park boards, libraries, historical societies, city governments, chambers of commerce, and parks.

As the pandemic presents us with both challenges and opportunities, Wavelets Creative continues to develop and adjust our engagement models, producing new Covid-safe versions of our projects, expanding our team of collaborating artists, and building partnerships with local organizations to continue growing into 2022 and beyond.