Sound Gardens


Sound Gardens are site-specific sound + performance installations employing custom spatial speaker sets to create immersive ecosystems of sound that layer and mingle with existing sounds in nature. Each speaker plays a different part of the whole piece of music, so that every step, every turn of the head, every bird song and shifting breeze results in a different mix and arrangement of the music. Past Sound Gardens have also featured commissioned site-specific poetry, visual art, storytelling, dance, history, and live performances by the roving Free Range Orchestra & Choir and other performance / performing artists.

Sound Gardens celebrate community-sourced, site-specific content, and have included educational and community outreach programs to bring community members, students, or clients into the creation and performance process. In partnership with local schools, parks, historical societies, libraries, and other arts and community organizations, Sound Garden projects are a unique opportunity for community members to participate across artistic disciplines and learn about site-specific ecology and history.

“My spatial soundscores are designed and intended to provide an immersive experience for the listener that connects them more deeply to a specific place and time in their lives and community.”  – JG Everest, Wavelets Creative Artistic Director

In 2018 Wavelets Creative developed and presented four unique seasonally-inspired sound garden events, one for each season of the year, in four different outdoor locations around the state of Minnesota, premiering composer JG Everest‘s four part Water Suite: Four Seasonal Sound Gardens. Each site was specifically chosen for its natural beauty, historical significance, and proximity to a significant body of water. Each seasonal Sound Garden featured commissioned site-specific poetry, visual art, storytelling, dance, history, and live performances by the roving Free Range Orchestra & Choir.  They also included local community members in the creative process through a series of participatory outreach events and workshops for each site and season.



JG Everest’s WATER SUITE premiere events, presented by Wavelets Creative in 2018:

WINTER Sound Garden at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, MN – February 18, 2018

SPRING Sound Garden at Harbor Park in Grand Marais, MN – May 27, 2018

SUMMER Sound Garden at Silverwood Park in St Anthony, MN – July 22, 2018

FALL Sound Garden at Manomin Park / Rice Creek in Fridley, MN – Sept. 30, 2018

Additional Sound Garden events:
iNMiGRATiON: Fall Sound Garden at Riverside Park (“virtual”), Minneapolis, Oct 10-18, 2020
iNMiGRATiON: Fall Sound Garden open pop-up rehearsals at Riverside Park, Sept 4, 26, & Oct 3, 2020
iNMiGRATiON: Summer Sound Garden open pop-up rehearsals at West River Parkway, Minneapolis, July 23 & Aug 16, 2020
Fall Sound Garden at Caponi Art Park, Sept 2019
Winter Sound Garden at Golden Bay, Chippewa City, MN Feb 2019
Spring Sound Garden at Belwin Conservancy, Afton, MN April 2019
Summer Sound Garden at The Wolf House in Minneapolis, MN – July 28, 2018
Oneness Sound Garden performance at Franconia Sculpture Park Sept 2017
Summer Sky Sound Garden at Northern Spark Festival June 2017
MayDay Sound Garden at The Wolf House, Mpls May 2017
iNMiGRATiION: Winter Solstice Sound Garden at The Wolf House, Dec 21 & 22, 2016. 


For more information about Sound Gardens, please visit Artistic Director JG Everest’s website.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.