Library Woods Sound Garden

Minneapolis-based composer / director JG Everest spent a 2-week Artist Residency in May 2023 at the historic Madeline Island Public Library in La Pointe, Wisconsin composing and designing a new site-specific sound + performance installation for the wooded memorial garden space behind the Library, known as Library Woods. Everest collaborated with local community members, including students from the K-5 La Pointe School, to design and install new trails, benches, and sculptural elements for the installation, including prayer flags, pinecone butterflies, ornaments, and large-scale “fort” structures. Premiere performances took place over two days over Memorial Day Weekend, and were free and open to the public.  The new Sound Garden score comprised 55 wireless speakers, each playing a different part of the whole piece of music, spread throughout the outdoor space, with live musical accompaniment by members of the roving Free Range Orchestra, which included several La Pointe school students. We were blessed with incredible weather and many visitors, making for a truly magical, memorable experience. (scroll down to see photo gallery below) We’re so excited to bring it back for two days over Memorial Day Weekend again in 2024!

POV “Walk Through” video from Library Woods Sound Garden premiere, May 2023

Library Woods Sound Garden photo gallery

Sound Garden banner by muralist Tim Blighton hanging in the Library Woods Sound Garden at the Madeline Island Public Library.