“One of the things that we do know, and this has been very dramatically shown – when asked, “what is it that lights up your brain in the most dramatic way, bringing all kinds of parts of your cortex into the action”, is IMPROVISATION.

It’s where you are not sure where you are going, and you’re actually pulling in every kind of idea and creative juice together – that’s when your brain really lights up…maybe we should be doing more of that in our education, as opposed to “memorize this stuff” – we should be “ok, improvise, just make something up”

“…And I suspect that the audience has the same experience – there’s a recent study that points out that audience and performers will get on a similar brain wave….and the audience is even more inclined to participate with what is happening with the performer…”

Dr. Francis Collins, Director, National Institutes of Health
with Renee Fleming, Aspen Ideas Now series 2020